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"I have the honor of calling Nancy friend, of knowing her intuitive gifts and skills; her devotion to healing, and to providing services of value and benefit. We connect and cheer each other and share new information. As a practitioner of astrology Nancy has exceptional command of astrological concepts and applications.

But for me, astrology had always been difficult. When I would read the profile of my sign Pisces, the descriptions would not resonate. Ever, no matter the author or wordsmith. Over time this impacted me. I felt somehow less, like I should be something different and I had failed.

In a single session, Nancy taught me to understand the astrological framework that is me. The factors decided before arrival. All the aspects that literally effect how I experience and relate to the world. There is so much more to me, to each of us, than a sun sign. She patiently explains as she guides and revels with you in the journey and discovery. She lends the insight of her ancient wisdom and from that foundation; Nancy weaves threads of information into a cohesive form that can be utilized day to day, to enjoy, to heal, to grow."

~Susan Schooley, Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer

"Aliquam nisi. Etiam tempus dui et elit. Duis fermentum nisi non dolor. Praesent non diam. Nam lobortis justo eget diam. Praesent vitae purus non odio ultricies auctor."

~ Dave, Reiki Master, DrumMaker & All around cool person

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