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Inverse Wave Therapy

Inverse Wave Therapy is a healing tool that provides you with a way to change and remove the blocks that hinder your life. It is based on the scientific principle that a sound wave is canceled when it meets another sound wave of the same frequency. In Inverse Wave Therapy, when you identify what it is you are ready to release and the gift and gratitude you have experienced as a result of the frustration and pain, you form the wave and its direct opposite. Where the adversity and the gratitude meet you have a blank slate and are ready to create a new contract.

There are two sessions each about 2 hours long and about 24-48 hours apart. In the first session you will be creating the Inverse Wave with the guidance of the facilitator. In the second session you will travel down the timeline to where the thing you are releasing was first set into motion. This event can be in your current life or in a past life. Again, you will be guided by the facilitator. You will be lying down in a comfortable position for both sessions. Tuning forks will be used to prepare you for your healing journey.

Inverse Wave Therapy is a technique for self- healing. It is not someone else doing the healing for you while you remain impassive. It is your story. It is you who determines if you want change, what you want changed and how much change occurs at a time. You can release a whole bunch or you can release an incremental portion. You remain within your comfort zone at all times. You are in control. You are held with greatest esteem. You are held in sacred space as you get in touch with your own experience.

The end result is a shift in energy around the issue that has been troubling you. It may be gone completely or you may have a new perspective that enables you to respond in a new way. However your response to Inverse Wave Therapy plays out, you will feel a shift. Expect a miracle.


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