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Again, as is the case with the astrological reading, the auric or chakra reading is a means of providing insights into the soul for the purpose of making conscious and beneficial choices. There are seven major energy centers in your body called chakras that relate to specific aspects of your emotional body. There is information within the chakras that is not available to you through your mind and intellect. Accessing information from these centers is yet another source of information that helps you along your evolutionary journey.

The chakra and astrological reading is not intended to unlock any great universal mysteries; the intent of the reading is merely to uncover the information you already hold within yourself. I can help you make sense of why you conduct yourself in certain ways, and what you need to act on to change unsatisfactory patterns. Above all, it is intended to help you celebrate your own uniqueness

The reading is typically accompanied by healing activities such as removing energy chords, naming energy blocks, or just plain validating your evolutionary process. The reading is done in person or over the phone and takes an hour. The session is taped for your future reference.

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