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"It can be helpful to schedule a yearly update to see how the heavens are prompting you to evolve."




Each soul has an intent and a purpose for being on our planet. It is up to you to find your own true self and evolve into the magnificent being that you are but you are not meant to do it all on your own. It seems as if we are born in a cloud of forgetfulness, and it is up to each of us as a spiritual being, to cut through that cloud and find our way. Why are we here? Is this a one-shot deal? Do we really have an eternal soul, or are we just a mass of DNA? Is the purpose of life merely to challenge the soul? Are there lessons we must learn in order to move on, or are we simply locked into a never-ending, mindless cycle? If we do have an eternal essence, why do we tax it by incarnating with all kinds of limitations? What are we to learn? What can we change? In short, who and why are we on this journey we call Life?

The purpose of my work is to address these questions. To provide a map of your existence in order to make your journey more understandable and to experience healing. I offer three methods for spiritual growth: astrology reading, chakra/auric reading and Inverse Wave Therapy. These elements combine to provide profound healing and insights into your personal evolution.

It is my firm belief that all souls are eternal, multi-dimensional beings, and that each soul has its own intent and a purpose for being on the planet. I further believe, that like our ever-expanding universe, souls travel an eternal and an evolutionary path. While it is up to each individual to evolve and to find his or her way through this proverbial wilderness, astrology and other spiritual guidance mechanisms provide a map that can make the journey more understandable. And while a spiritual reading cannot tell you what and where the end is, it can help explain the process.

I also believe we are living in very exciting times, that this period is unprecedented in Earth’s history. There appears to be an enormous expansion of consciousness going on today, a raising of the collective conscious to a higher vibration; we are on the threshold of a golden age, the age of Aquarius. Many describe what’s happening as a shift of awareness from third-dimensional to multi-dimensional consciousness. It is occurring at both the global and the individual level; in fact the global shift that is going on is the direct reflection of the changes that we as individuals are embarking on. I see this shift as a person’s act of stepping into his or her full and authentic expression of self.

This is a time of full and conscious evolution, of accepting full responsibility for your existence, your actions, and your choices. This is a time for moving away from “victim mentality” and into your own confident authority. You are not meant to do all this soul searching, all this healing, all this awakening alone. There are many spiritual teachers and healers available to assist you. I offer three helpful methods to aid you in your evolutionary process They are astrology with a smattering of numerology, chakra/auric readings and Inverse Wave Therapy. My own evolutionary and awakening journey has involved all three of these methods and more. I offer you a description of each, follow the links to the left, to help you better understand how you might use them for yourself.

A Suggestion

If you have not been introduced to yourself through your astrology chart I would recommend you do that first. Then proceed to the chakra reading to access your information through the emotional body. Often what shows up in a reading is where you are feeling blocked. Finally, heal what came up in the chakra reading through Inverse Wave Therapy.





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